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yellow lorry,
red lorry,
blue car. 

yellow lorry, red lorry, blue car (2017-2020) is a series of digital photographs taken in and around glasgow of red, yellow and blue vehicles parked around the city.

bellow are a secletion of these photos click for gallery view : 

Over the past 3 years living in glasgow. when walking around the city, ive been spotting red, yellow and blue cars all parked together in different ways and circumstances.

From vans, to minis, and from lorries, to limos. these three colours of vehicle have been spotted all over the city time and time again.

For me personally when spotting three cars, i tell myself its a sign of good luck and good things to come, as if the universe is looking out for me and has my back just like the three colours always do.

There are over 100 photos in the series. 

This work has been displayed on the DS2020SIMULATOR.com (the glasgow school of art degree show 2020 student made simulator)

(above) are some screen shots from the student run, 2020 degree show simulator of this work in the degree show space.