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favorite is my favourite 

a collection of work i’ve made from 2016-present all about the great favorite chicken. work includes: drawrings, paintings, clothes, toys, riso prints sculptures and graffiti. 

favorite is my favourite started out as fan art i guess and just me enjoying the  repetition of the chicken mascot as well as the colours and constant slogan that is printed all over you warm box of chips, ‘britan’s tastiest chicken’.

chicken shops have always been a staple of any london childhood. the competition to be the best fried chicken or to have the most perfect, delicous and crispy wings has always been a personal and touchy subject for most south londoners young or old. favorite was my local and the place i would usually visit after school or on my way home collage or work. 

i have made several different pieces of work to do with favorite chicken including paintings, sculptures, clothes, drawrings, riso prints and many more and have even been lucky enough to exhibit some pieces from the series at shows in london and glasgow.