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Artist/maker Alex Warner  (D.O.B.03/08/1998), also known as koolkatwarner, works within a range of different mediums but works specifically using and exploring the uses of primary colours within day to day life.I am originally from South London and studied Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art and did a Fine art foundation at Kingston University.

My surroundings effect and inspire the things i make, which reflects on: British consumerism, chicken shops, sport, everyday life, the urban landscape and bold primary colours.

Primary colours are a key aspect of my work and my general life. My practice and mediums change from time to time to what I want to make and it tough to fit into certain artistic brackets.

At the age of 22 I have now been in various group shows and solo shows as well as being published in a range of different magazines/zines and articles online. I studied and trained in a photographic way and am capable to take photos for events, fashion shoots and love to collaborate and work with others.

Please feel free to contact me to make enquires or wanting to see more of a certain project or anything else. always happy to chat, and work with new clients and work on new projects :)